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AIPAD Talks: Hip Hop: Conscious, Unconscious

Hip Hop: Conscious, Unconscious
Sam Balaban, Multimedia Artist, Photographer, and Director, Janette Beckman, Photographer, T. Eric Monroe, Photographer and Author, Sally Berman, Co-Curator of Hip Hop: Conscious, Unconscious, Nick Fahey, Director, Fahey / Klein Gallery, Meredith Breech, Exhibitions Manager, Fotografiska
Hip Hop: Conscious, Unconscious, which is on view at Fotografiska through May 20, amplifies the individual creatives involved in the movement and surveys the women who trailblazed amid hip hop’s male-dominated environment, hip hop’s regional and stylistic diversity, and the turning point when hip hop became a billion-dollar industry that continues to mint global household names. The exhibition was created in partnership with Mass Appeal.