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Gallery installation view of several photographs framed and hanging on gallery walls

jdc Fine Art (est. 2011) is dedicated to content-driven art by established and emerging contemporary artists specializing in photography.  As both a photography gallery and contemporary art dealer, we work with national and international artists, and champion those making art to serve a higher purpose.  Gallery exhibitions may speak to art historical themes, but mark our epoch, reposition us so as to see from another vantage, call for re-evaluation of accepted norms, and overall inspire reflection and dialog.

Aesthetically, we gravitate towards narrative, figurative work.  Overarching themes at jdc Fine Art gallery include:  beauty and the poetics of the world; the every day; the image as document, memorial, snapshot, even lie; alternative or plural realities; and socio-political issues.

7755 N. Highway 101
Gleneden Beach, OR 97388
(Marketplace at Salishan)
(619) 985 – 2322

Jennifer DeCarlo

Wednesday - Friday 11-4
Saturday 12-4
More by appointment

Justyna Badach, Brian Benfer, Matt Eich, Luis González Palma, Jennifer Greenburg, Thomas Kellner, Tatiana Parcero, Constanza Piaggio, Tara Sellios, Rashod Taylor, Guillermo Srodek Hart, Jennifer Thoreson, Paul Turounet, Ian van Coller