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Six images of the same woman wearing a yellow shirt and smoking a cigar

Miguel Rio Branco
Maria Leoncia, 1991
cm 70 x 150 ca.
© Paci contemporary gallery (Brescia-Porto Cervo, Italy)

Founded in 2004, the gallery shows its preference towards photography as the main field of investigation, cooperation with museums and institutions to promote its artists.

via Borgo Pietro Wuhrer 53
Brescia, Italy 25123
+39 030 290 6352

Via Aga Khan, 1
Porto Cervo, Italy 07021


Giampaolo Paci, Owner; Alice Mearini, Gallery Manager; Monica Banfi, Administration; Chiara De Ambrogio, Assistant

Monday - Friday 10:00-19:00

Sandy Skoglund, Erwin Olaf, Michal Macku, Douglas Kirkland, Horst P. Horst, Miguel Rio Branco, Nancy Burson, Phil Borges, Nicola Civiero, Mario Cravo Neto, Bernard Faucon, Ralph Gibson, Teun Hocks, Leslie Krims, Lori Nix, Eric Rondepierre, Arthur Tress, Jerry Uelsmann, Grace Weston, Mei Xian Qiu, Marina Bolla