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Someone wearing a white button-down collared shirt looks away from the camera

René Groebli​
The Eye of Love, #510, 1952
Gelatin silver print, 16 x 12 in
Edition of 7, © René Groebli
Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Since 1989, Peter Fetterman Gallery has been committed to the collection and appreciation of Fine Art Photography with an emphasis on Humanist, Documentary and Fashion works.​

2525 Michigan Avenue, A1
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Peter Fetterman, Antonia Stoyanovich, Matthew Martin, Kate Stevens

Tuesday-Saturday, 11-5

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Martine Franck, Melvin Sokolsky, René Groebli, Jeffrey Conley, Fred Lyon, Michael Kenna, Ansel Adams, George Tice, Kurt Markus, Louis Stettner, Charles Harbutt, Willy Ronis, Sabine Weiss, Giacomo Brunelli, Lillian Bassman, Gregori Maiofis