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Two rectangles which are red and black float inside a square covered by newspapers and the square sits in an empty room

Georges Rousse
Tuttenligen, 2016
C-print, 43 x 51
Edition of 10, © Georges Rousse

Located in SoHo, NY's historic photo building at 100 Crosby St., Sous Les Etoiles is a contemporary exhibition space specializing in fine art photography and photo-based art.​

16 East 71 Street, Suite A1
New York, NY 10021

Corinne Tapia, Dawn Goodrich

Monday-Friday, 10-6, Saturday, 11-5 and by appointment

Carolle Benitah, Alberto Korda (estate), Ernesto Bazan, Jean-Pierre Laffont, Julie Boserup, Charles Petillon, Richard Caldicott, Georges Rousse, Gianfranco Chiavacci (Estate), Javier Riera, Sophie Delaporte, Magdalena Sole, Luuk de Haan, Barry Underwood, James Withlow Delano, Susan Wellm, Heeva Hannula, David Zimmerman, Andreas Gefeller, Wendy Paton