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A black and white photograph with light showing the outline of a naked female body

Desnudo XXI, 1946
[Tilda Thamar, Argentine actress]
Vintage gelatin silver print
8.74 x 11.22 in.

Founded in 2005, Vasari is dedicated to represent, exhibit, and promote the first modern photographers in Argentina as well as contemporary artists from this country.

Esmeralda 1357
Buenos Aires, Argentina C1007ABS

Marina Pellegrini, Lauren Bate, Carolina Groverman, Mercedes Claus, Malena Torres Traverso

Monday-Friday, 11 am -7 pm

Alicia D’Amico, Juan Di Sandro, Facundo de Zuviría, Pepe Fernández, George Friedman, Annemarie Heinrich, Iaros (Iaroslav Kozak), Alejandro Kuropatwa, Anatole Saderman, Alicia Sanguinetti, Ricardo Sanguinetti, Boleslaw Senderowicz, Grete Stern